glassy puppy

Glassy Puppy Project
Snarky Puppy – Family Dinner 2

I first met Michael League in Paris, at the press conference for the album, Sylva. We talked about music, about my work, and about his time in Mali when he first met Salif Keita. I showed him some of my work, and after that it seemed obvious to me that my next challenge would be to create the Snarky Puppy in glass…a technical challenge for sure but that was part of the appeal to me.

I presented Michael with the first Glassy Puppy in May 2015…following their incredible concert at the Olympia, celebrating the release of Sylva. It was later on at the Caveau des Oubliettes that Michael had the idea to make ten more sculptures and have them signed by the group. After that night, the adventure of the Glassy Puppies began.

Free blowing glass without any model or mold demands an extreme amount of precision and timing, but that is where the fun begins. The technical aspect is rigorous and often means many failed attempts…in this case particularly when it came to the very delicate headphones. But overall it was an amazing process, and an indescribable pleasure and pride to open the oven to see the completed piece.
The Glassy Puppies are now ready to be signed and delivered, the culmination of many months of hard work, and enjoyment for sure.
they will be sell in « supreme » Bundle at a very special price in order to support « The Roots of Music foundation » in New Orleans, which empowers the youth of the city through music education, academic support, and mentorship while preserving and promoting the unique cultural and musical heritage of jazz’s birthplace.

”Permanent decision in a positive state of mind.” Just as Michael said to me the evening the project was born.

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